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CSS Image Rollovers and Firefox Issue

I created image rollovers with CSS and HTML. Works great in IE, I can see the images however in Firefox, the images are missing. I think it has something to do with the HTML code since I've not putting any text in between ....../></a> in firefox, however when I put text in, then I can see the images. I'm not sure what I'm missing, probably a fairly easy fix but I'm not seeing it.

See example here: http://www.chaoticcancellation.com/MDATests/buttons2.htm

Thanks in advance for any help.
CSS Code:
.presidio {
    display: inline;
    width: 65px;
    height: 30px;
    background: url("images/presidio-gold.jpg") no-repeat 0 0;
    outline: none; /* hide dotted outline in Firefox */
.presidio:hover {background: url("images/presidio-white.jpg") no-repeat 0 0;}
HTML Code: 
<a href="#" class="presidio"/></a>

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2 Solutions
heres a quick little example I put together for you.  This works best across all browsers.  Youll create 2 images and stick them together as one.  Look at the code for examples

Sorry, heres the link:

you can see this better on another page Im currently building for a client.  Look at my left hand menu for the examples:  


The idea is to put both images together as 1 image (the active image on top, and the roll over image on bottom)  then the css moves the image up however many pixels you specify.  so its like taking a picture frame (you can only see whats inside the frame) and sliding the picture Up behind the frame to reveal a second picture.
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PS...other people may tell you onmouseover javascript is an option, but its really not a good one.  It takes like half a second to load the image in IE and FF

Another option (but also not a good one) is to say on the .image:hover css (background: another_image.jpg).  This doesnt work well as it takes a whole second to load in IE, but is instant in FF.
David S.Commented:
The width and height properties aren't supposed to apply to normal inline elements (they do apply to <img> elements which are inline by default). IE is not ignoring them like it should there. Give ".presidio" display:block or float:left.

I agree with, unassassinable. Changing the background-position on hover is much more efficient.
chaotic1Author Commented:
Thank you both, it worked by adding float:left;  and removing display: block.

Unassassinable thanks for the idea about putting both images in one, I never really grasp that idea until I saw your example, my only problem with that idea in this case, its a little jumpy and my client wants it to be really smooth transistion

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