How Do I Uninstall Apache ?

There are two copies of apache.exe constantly running in task manager.   The hard disk is very active.   As I understand it, apache have something to do with web server, which I dont need.   It might have been installed with NVIDIA card.      How do I get rid of it?  Cant find it listed in Admin. Services, MSCONFIG, or Control Panel.  Thanks.
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crokeefe28Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You may want to download  "processexplorer" to first see what the apache.exe is being run by.  You can do this from within the app by "locating a process handle".  This will show you exactly where it is being called from.   once you know this, you can uninstall it at will if you so desire.
Have you tried control panel -> add/remove programs?

Otherwise you might be able to type this in your dos prompt:

apache -k uninstall

apache -u

Hope it helps, i must admit i haven't tried either. These two might offer other options, depending on your apache version:

apache -h
apache -?
uninstall service apache:

- goto directory where apache is installed. normally it's C:\Program Files\Apache Group\...
- goto bin directory
- type the following command

apache -k uninstall

- repeat the operation with your second apache installation
- then, remove completely the application folders (both) using simple delete function
- there you should be fine

hope this helps

BW999Author Commented:
Process explorer helped me find the culprit.  It had something to do with hard drive.  I was able to disable apache from that app.  Thanks.
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