Need help writing a Java Program

Posted on 2009-02-21
Last Modified: 2013-11-23
I need to write a java program, but it is confusing me because of everything I need to add, such as tax, discount, etc. I am hoping someone could at least write out an example of what my program should look like. Here's the information I am given.

A catering service has the following schedule of charges for meals that it serves to groups and discounts according to how many were ordered:

Meal........... Cost Each.......... Discount............ If order more than

Breakfast..... $5.50................... 10%.........................10

Lunch ...........$9.50................... 15%........................ 15

Dinner...........$16.50.................. 12%......................... 8

The program should compute, for each category, the cost of the meals received in each category, the discount, and the final cost of the meals. It should then compute the total cost of all meals, add a 10% sates tax and print the total due. Be sure to format the output well and include appropriate comments in your program.

1. Enter the number of Breakfast ordered: 30

2. Enter the number of Lunch ordered: 28

3. Enter the number of Dinner ordered: 25

My Favorite Catering Service Receipt:

Meal..... ......Quantity....... Cost .......Discount .........Cost After Discount

Breakfast... .....30......... $165.00........ $16.50.......... $148.50

Lunch.............. 28......... $266.00........ $39.90........... $226.10

Dinner.............. 25........ $412.50........ $49.50............ $363.00

Total: $737.60

Sales Tax: $73.76

Total Due: $811.36
Question by:Megarooni
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    Expert Comment

    This seems to  be a school assignment.

    please, ask specific problems inside this problem, or give me your actual code with some additional questions.
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    Accepted Solution

    I tried to make your assignment so here it is.

    import java.util.InputMismatchException;
    import java.util.Scanner;
    public class CateringService {
    	public static void main(String[] args) {
    		// Making array of our meals, later we can easly change this
    		Meal[] meal = new Meal[3]; 
    		meal[0] = new Meal("Breakfast", 5.50f, 10, 10);
    		meal[1] = new Meal("Lunch", 	9.50f, 15, 15);
    		meal[2] = new Meal("Dinner" , 	16.50f, 12, 8);
    		// Adding simple input for user to insert qunaties
    		Scanner sc = new Scanner(;
    		for (Meal m : meal) { 
    			System.out.println("Enter the number of " + m.getName() + " ordered: ");
    			try {
    				int quant = sc.nextInt();
    			} catch (InputMismatchException e) {
    				System.out.println("Error with input!");
    		float total 	= 0;
    		float salesTax 	= 0;
    		float totalDue 	= 0;
    		System.out.format("%-10s %-10s %-10s %-10s %-10s", "Meal", "Quantity", 
    				"Cost", "Discount", "Cost After Discount \n");
    		for (Meal m : meal) {
    			float discount = 0;
    			float mealDiscountedCost = m.getCost();
    			if (m.checkForDiscount()) {
    				discount = m.makeDiscount();
    				mealDiscountedCost = m.costAfterDiscount();
    			System.out.format("%-10s %-10s %-10s %-10s %-10s\n", m.getName(), String.valueOf(m.getQuantity()), 
    					String.valueOf(m.getCost()), String.valueOf(discount), String.valueOf(mealDiscountedCost));
    			total += mealDiscountedCost;
    		System.out.println("Total: $" + total);
    		salesTax = (float) (total * 0.10);
    		System.out.format("Total sales tax: $%.2f\n", salesTax);
    		totalDue = total + salesTax;
    		System.out.println("Total Due: $" + totalDue);
    //here is second class, make sure you make seperate class file
    public class Meal {
    	// i am using BigDecimal class to get more precise value
    	String 		name;
    	float	 	cost;
    	int 		discount;
    	int 		discountOfWhatQuant;
    	int			quantity;
    	public Meal(String name, float cost, int discount, int discountOfWhatQuant) {
  = name;
    		this.cost = cost;
  = discount;
    		this.discountOfWhatQuant = discountOfWhatQuant;
    	public String getName() {
    		return name;
    	public void setName(String name) {
  = name;
    	public float getCost() {
    		return cost;
    	public void setCost(float cost) {
    		this.cost = cost;
    	public int getDiscount() {
    		return discount;
    	public void setDiscount(int discount) {
  = discount;
    	public int getDiscountOfWhatQuant() {
    		return discountOfWhatQuant;
    	public void setDiscountOfWhatQuant(int discountOfWhatQuant) {
    		this.discountOfWhatQuant = discountOfWhatQuant;
    	public int getQuantity() {
    		return quantity;
    	public void setQuantity(int quantity) {
    		this.quantity = quantity;
    	public boolean checkForDiscount() {
    		return (discountOfWhatQuant < quantity) ? true : false;
    	public float makeDiscount() {
    		float discountMade = ((cost * quantity) * discount / 100);
    		return discountMade;
    	public float costAfterDiscount() {
    		float discountMade = (cost * quantity) - makeDiscount();
    		return discountMade;

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    Also i forgot to add the result. Here it is:
    Enter the number of Breakfast ordered: 
    Enter the number of Lunch ordered: 
    Enter the number of Dinner ordered: 
    Meal       Quantity   Cost       Discount   Cost After Discount 
    Breakfast  30         5.5        16.5       148.5     
    Lunch      28         9.5        39.9       226.1     
    Dinner     25         16.5       49.5       363.0     
    Total: $737.6
    Total sales tax: $73,76
    Total Due: $811.36

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    Author Comment

    To starrland.

    I tried out your code, but got an error that said, "class, interface, or enum expected on line 1. I've tried fixing it, but to no success.

    Other then that I want to thank you. I didn't expect someone to write out a whole code. It will help me a lot.

    Author Comment

    never mind, I figured it out.
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    Expert Comment

    No it didn't helped you. In the real world you will need to resold this small problems and staarland just distroid what could have been a good lesson.

    Author Comment

    In the real World I wont need this, I'll need English. ""

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