SBS 2008 - cannot connect pop and smtp from outside network

I CAN connect pop with SSL on port 995 - working - but no matter what I do I CANNOT get SMTP to authenticate
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olygrahamConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Trendmicro email reputation - PREVENTS external to LAN Email clients from SMTP authentication as well as forces a port 995 / SSL POP in order to work.  Turn OFF Email Reputation in Trend Advanced Security - port 25 and 100 work perfectly out of network
how are you trying to authenticate?  SMTP does not really authenticate unless you are using EHLO commands.  Do you mean that you are trying to gain access to email from outside of the network (to the inside)?  OWA?  RPC over HTTP?  Are you sure ISA is configured correctly?  Can you telnet to the DNS name to port 25:

telnet servername 25

olygrahamAuthor Commented:
I found out Trendmicro on the server with email reputation for spam - but not going externally) is blocking.  I have mail client outside of netowkr using 25 and 110 - and I need to pop from anywhere so I can't just add ip's on and on and on
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