Can't see video in AVI files in Windows Media Player 11

The other day I tried to play a .avi video shot with my Fuji Finepix 3800
camera and could only hear the sound. The video was black. It used to work fine.

The files were from several different folders on my computer (Windows XP Pro
SP3). I noticed that in some folders the thumbnail for the avi files showed a
still of the first frame. I think this is how it should be, or at least this is the most helpful way. In other folders the thumbnail showed a black square and in still other folders showed an icon of a film frame, like a 35mm frame with sprockets. Regardless of the thumbnail, they all only played
sound, no video.

I tried reinstalling WMP from Microsoft downloads but this didn't fix the

Any help would be appreciated. Please don't say to user another player. I like WMP and it works for other files, I just need to fix this problem with no video.

Actually I think it might be a codec problem because Real Player has the same problem.

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download the latest divx codecs.  I had the same problem :)
donanderAuthor Commented:

I was dubious that these would work because they are DivX and XviD codecs, not AVI codecs. BTW, isn't XvidD just DivX backwards?

Anyway, I installed both (successfully) for Windows XP and even restarted the computer and I still just get a black screen with sound - no video. These are movies that I have viewed in the past so I know they are not corrupted.

Any other ideas?
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Sorry to hear that didn't work, but try this codec-pack:

It offers all the codecs. I use it it in combination with Media Player Classic, I think it's the best no-nonsence Media Player around.
But since you made clear you don't want to use any other player but WMP, just uncheck the mark for Media Player Classic, once installing the codec-pack.

Hope this will solve your problem, keep me informed. If this doesn't work, I'll have a last possible solution for you.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Ideally you just need to identify the codec for video that you are missing (or possibly is installed but damaged)
The codec pack linked to above contains a useful tool for this but you can also download it separately from here
Download and install then use it to open the video clip in just the same way you would if it were a media player. GSpot will then identify the codec you need. Use the Render Now option if it looks as if GSpot is happy with the file. Fuji often use a MJPEG codec for their video clips and the codec is installed with the FinePix software.

If the file fails to render then (again in the Klite package) there is a "codec tweak tool" which looks at your installed codecs and fixes any faulty installations/conflicts

In answer to your other question about the difference between DivX and XviD they are all variations of the AVI group of video formats - AVI is a generic term that refers to the way the video and audio are packed together ("the container").
There's a MJPG codec available to download here (but there's also one in the Klite package - my only reservation with Klite is you don't need everything it tries to install - there is an option menu at the start but you kinda need to know what you're doing to get everything right.  It also does a fair bit of cleaning and registry checking when you launch the installer and won't let you play unless you've remove things it doesn't like.

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donanderAuthor Commented:
Since I didn't want to install codecs I don't need, I followed MASQUERAID's suggestion. I installed GSpot, loaded and rendered the file. It identified Morgan MJPEG Decompressor (from Morgan Multimedia) as the codec it used. I installed this codec about 2 years ago when I was unable to see AVI's play within Sony Vegas movie program and was able to see AVI in that program after installing Morgan.

I noticed in the Video section of GSpot it said Codec Misconfigured. Clicking on that showed that Morgan was misconfigured. Clicking on that said something about a missing file. While writing this sentence I ran it again to see the exact message so I could write it here and it didn't say there was a problem. So then I double-clicked on of the AVI's and it played in WMP !!

I was amazed because I had not done anything other than run GSpot. Is it possible that GSpot fixes problems with codecs on its own?

Anyway I've attached a PDF with the screenshots from GSpot when it indicated there was a problem with Morgan codec.

Please let me know what you think fixed the problem. The only other thing I did was to disable/enable Morgan codec using its System Tray icon.

☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Yes GSpot will sort out simple configuration issues but that was more luck than judgement as I didn't know if you already had the right codec installed :)
donanderAuthor Commented:
The Expert provided more than just the solution, adding helpful information about AVI files to help me understand them how to work with them and codecs and GSpot.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Thank you :)
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