Restrict creation of files on Desktop in Windows XP

I want to restrict users from saving any files to the Desktop in Windows XP.

- In other words, how do I make the Desktop read only ?

Is it possible to allow only shortcuts on the Desktop ?

I want to make this restriction applicable to a single user.

** Also, I do not want the user to be able to create files, but automatically having them deleted after logging off or restarting.
I'm a software called Windows SteadyState, which allows the user to create files, but deletes them after logging off.
I want to completely restrict creation of files on the desktop.
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The standard solution for this is to go into the profile folder of that user and rename the "ntuser.dat" file to "".
By default the user will have full control over the desktop. In the start>Run box, paste the following.......

Right click the Desktop Folder>Security Tab
Click Advanced
Uncheck Inherit P"ermissions, and select Copy in the popup box.
Click OK.
Remove any checkmarks in teh permissions in the bottom half of the window
Click OK, and try to create a file on the desktop....

And no, if you stop creation/saving of files on this folder, you stop ALL fioles. Cant just allow shortcuts....
How to assign a mandatory user profile in Windows XP

Note: When a user with an assigned a mandatory profile logs off from a computer, any changes to the profile are lost.

You do realize this right? Nothing will be saved......

Just want to make sure you are aware of this....
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