Dell 2900 Rack to Tower conversion

I have a Dell 2900 server and can not seem to find a rack to tower conversion kit.  Apparently Dell does not offer it but i was hoping someone might know a way I can get ahold of the parts all the people who purchased the "Tower to Rack conversion kit" and have hthe spare parts available.
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andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Same case with HP. I have a couple of their non-existent "rack to tower" conversion kits as leftovers - there aren't any part numbers so your only hope is eBay or similar. I wonder if you can advertise a tower to rack kit for your model on eBay with the price being not money but the feet and plasticwork.

You could of course make a wooden plinth to stand it on to get past the rackmount bracket sticking out and ignore the lack of pretty plastic sides. Airflow wouldn't be any different.
simplypc08Author Commented:
I had the some idea about the wooden stand and ignoring the cosmetics.  I am more curious about the first comment-  I may actually give that ebay sale a shot-  Thanks
If anyone else has an idea or actually has needs a tower to rack kit let me know-  I'll send you mine for the price of your feet and side panels- :)
I'm pretty sure this is the part number you are looking for, but you should call Dell support rep to verify:

Dell Part# 330-0906 - Tower to Rack Conversion kit for PowerEdge 2900 server (Rails not included)


*I have used CodeMicro before when I was unable to find an older part and they came through beautifully for me.

You will also need the rack rails which are:  Dell Part #310-8207

These should be easy to find (Dell should still sell them) but keep in mind they are for M5 racks (square holes) not the threaded variety.

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simplypc08Author Commented:
jsbush-  I need the rack to tower NOT the tower to rack kit-  I have a rack mount 2900 and need  kit to convert it to  A tower server-
whoops, sorry about the massive oversight.  i'll keep looking :)
Did you ever get this straightened out?  If so, do you still have the rackmount components?  I have a PE2900 that I need to convert from tower to rack.
Just curious.
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