Move External Raid HD from server to another ..

Helloe there,

I have a server ML350 G2 contains two smart array as the following :

1. Smart Array 5300 controller in slot 4 Raid 5  6 hd 146,
2. Smart Array 532 controller in slot 1 Raid 5 4 HD 36.4

I need to remvoe the first smart array and collect it to a powerfull server DL380 G5 ? without loosing the data ..
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The config is on the disks so you can get a Smart Array 6402 and put it in the DL380 G5 (you'll need a mixed riser card to get the PCI-X slot) and put the disks in a MSA30 (presumably already there) and the new controller will pick up the config. You'll obviously have to set the boot controller order since it may try to boot from the wrong one otherwise.

You could probably put the 5300 in the DL380 but it's not listed in the quickspecs, they don't support it in there because they don't make it any more. Note the MSA30 has also dissapeared from the DL380 G5 quickspecs but it is still listed under the DL380 G5 data protection server and storage server variants - again it's going EOL.

mixed riser 410570-B21
SA6402 273915-B21
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