SBS 2008 maxtor onetouch4 plus server will not start

I have just built an SBS 2008 server on an Acer Altos G330 MK2.  Plugged in a Maxtor One Touch4 Plus by USB for backups.  The server has started locking up on reboot and occasionally locking up for no know reason.

I have determined that without the Maxtor plugged in the system boots normally.  Still testing to see if it is responsible for system locks.

The system hangs prior to the acer startup screen.  The one that says hit F2 or F10.

Thoughts ?
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1) try a different USB port.

2) try other USB devices

If it still locks up I would check the BIOS settings
Also could mean bad server hardware - mobo issues.

I hope this helps !
Jasonm71Author Commented:
Determined BAD server Hardware.  Maxtor issue seems 64bit v 32bit related after checking Maxtor web site.
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