How to detect all visited websites?

Hi, I am writing a program that needs to detect what websites user visits and at what time.
Is there a way to do this (I need it to work in general on any browser)?

I was thinking about windows hooks, in fact I have some experience with them, but in this case I have no idea which one to use

Im writing the program in Delphi, but the language doesnt really matter as I just need the "Know How" (or if you provide a code, I can translate)
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jkrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Take a look at ("URL/Web Addresses Logger"), this seems to be exactly what you're looking for. This article demonstrates how to do that WinPCAP and comes with full source code.
1) use a sniffer (like Wireshark) to record all traffic

2) you can make a use of following tool:
It records different types of user's activities. You can configure it to monitor specific appications only (ie, firefix etc.), and also instruct it, for example, to only store network-related events.
The configuration is explained here:
It stores captured events in binary format, and comes with a tool to convert it to text file. You can later see all "gethostbyname" calls and opened connections.

You can also use it as a reference for hooking WinSock functions.
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