MS office excel has stopped working


I've Sony Vaio laptop with windows vita home premium + MS office 2007 installed on it.

Whenever I open/close an excel sheet file the system get freeze & this error message comes (Microsoft office excel has stopped working) . . . I've uninstalled & reinstalled MS Office again thinking that would help but still i'm having this issue.

P.s: the only way to avoid this is opening the Excel Application first then ( File > Open > selct the file you want to work on ).

Please Advice ?

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I have found a forum where users described the same issue you are describing.  The resolution for most users was to do the following:

1. Open Excel from start menu.
2. Click the Office symbol in top left corner, hit Excel options.
3. Click "Add-Ins", then choose COM Add-Ins from dropdown menu in bottom of
your window and click Go.
4. Mark the line with Bluetooth in it, and click remove.

After completing this restart your system.
ehirsiAuthor Commented:
Thanks Man
ehirsiAuthor Commented:
Thanks bmcvicar.

I tried doing as above but I wasn't able to do it while the Window Working Normally as it's saved in the "Registry" , I had to start the laptop on the "Safe Mode" to to change the  " Bluetooth" option.

Many Thanks.

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