Can't Come out of standby

Posted on 2009-02-22
Last Modified: 2012-05-06
I am running a Toshiba Satellite Pro, 1.6 Gig W/1gig ram) and 40g HD.
I maintain it aggressively and use Avast AV. I run the unit 24/7 but usually go on standby overnite. Suddenly, when I try to come out of standby I get only a black screen-nothing else and a hard restart is necessary. The machine runs well otherwise any suggestions ???
all MS upgrades and patches have been applied
Question by:bd_good
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    Some peripherals don't like power-saving modes.  Do you have anything connected - eg USB that could be to blame?

    It might be worth looking for a video card driver update.

    Here's a hotfix that may also help you:
    You say all MS patches have been applied but your tags also say you're only on SP2 rather thsn SP3...?
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    Try to have an internal time to all saving mode, like screen saver: 3mins, on turn-off monitor: 5min, on standby: 10mins.
    Screen Saver time must be lesser than the turn-off monitor, turn-off monitor should be lesser than the system standby.
    You can find it in: Control Panel, Power options.  For screen saver in desktop properties.

    Then change your Memory Usage to System Cache and not to Programs.  Set System Cache to Recommended Size, Customized it.   You can find it in: Control Panel, System, Advance tab menu, Performance [Settings], Advance tab menu, Set to System Cache, then click Change button, and select System Manage Size or Customized it on recommended settings(see below of Virtual memory window).

    Great is our GOD.

    Author Comment

    Per all the suggestions I did the following:
    Installed a new display driver- no change.
    reset the memory bias(to cache not programs) and upped the allocation (as I have 1 gig of ram I really didn't expect much there) - no change.
    I did not understand the first part of rionroc's advisory re standby times but I do not use a screen saver at all.
    The USB issue appears to have been the culprit but I reall do not understand why. Let me explain. This computer has only 2 USB ports (USB1) so when I got some USB stuff that required USB2 I did the following purchased an Adaptec PCMCIA  card that gave me 2 additonal USB ports that were also USB2! (gave me a firewire port too)
    I normally run this setup wit a uSB2 Printer, a 250G HD and a USB wireless connection all running off this card and  just a tracball  and storage thumbdrives off the slower ports.
    I had to do a lot off work on the road for the last six months so I reverted to a much **sompler** setup, A wireless PCMCIA card and running the HP Laser printer off the slower port. It was here that apparent problem started I guess. Oddly, when I restored the far more elaborate cludgey setup, the problem with standby ceased.
    I guess the odd conclusion is that HPLaser Jet P1006 does not like USB1 ports and will express its displeasure by locking you out of standby function. Th eprinter functions normally otherwise on that slower port and I see no mention of this glitch on the HP website but no surprse there...I hate HP software.
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    Glad you've sorted it.  You can disable power saving on USB Root Hubs in Device Manager.  Some devices though just do not like being put into Standby at all.

    I've also had no end of problems with HP Printer drivers and Scanner software too.  When MS say that 3rd party code is a major cause of system instability, they are telling the truth!

    Author Comment

    to Cantoris:

    Tks for taking time...I don't quite understand "disabling" powersaving on USB root hubs. Do you mean excluding them from any power saving routines ?
    Also you questioned my having SP2 instead of SP3. I had read several horror stories about post SP3 install glitches and, as everything else in life was going well for me, I didn't see a compeeling reason to go through all that before I replied to you Ilooked into everything I could find and did not see my current problem as one of those things fixed by SP3. There is one other continuing thing with the HP software and that is a frequent inability to delet a print job from the printer que (this most often hapens when the laser prntr runs out of paper. I reload paper but the stalled job remains stuck in the throat (as it were) of the spooler and refuses to be deleted or to resume printing. The only ting to do is total reboot (closing all programs saving current work etc) after restart the job is cleared and printing is normal, its a real pain (whe you snet me a "hotfix " I didn't see the problem I first posed to you listed as one of the things the hofix was gfor but I did see some mention of the job stuck in the throat problem on the MS website, But I lost my place and can't now find it... why did you think that hotfix was relevant ??
    your thoughts appreciated , again, tks for your time...
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    Accepted Solution


    Power Saving:
    1. Open Device Manager
    2. Navigate to one of your USB Root Hubs under the USB section and open its Properties
    3. Find the Power Management tab.
    4. Untick "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power".
    5. Do this for all USB Root Hubs.
    You will get a shorter battery life but may find things behave better!

    I consider its installation a must but I understand your nervousness.  My rules are:
    1. Check all antivirus/non-MS firewall or any other deeply-integrated system-level software is officially compatible with SP3 (ie upgrade if necessary) and then DISABLE them.
    2. Run CHKDSK on the drive - don't try and apply SP3 if you have unrecoverable errors or bad sectors.
    3. Then install SP3!
    4. Then re-enable software from step 1.
    It is probably safer to use the full downloaded SP3 file for the install rather than the slimline delivery through Windows Update.

    Stuck Print Queue:
    Rather than reboot, right click the job and select delete (which I suspect will fail), then open a command prompt and run this:
    net stop spooler
    net start spooler
    If the job is still stuck there after that , then you will need to "net stop" again and this time delete the contents of the  c:\windows\system32\spool\printers  folder before using "net start".

    Why I suggested the hotfix:
    You originally said "when I try to come out of standby I get only a black screen".  The hotfix page says "When your Microsoft Windows XP-based computer resumes from ... standby you may experience one or more of the following symptoms: ... The screen appears blank".  Sounds like a match to me  :)

    Have fun!

    Author Comment

    Many tks again for taking such generous time. I am working through the sp3 thing.
    I guess I can deduce from the usb/printer glitch that a native usb2 device REALLY doesn't like being put on standby through a usb1 port ?

    RE hotfix I neglected to say that for reasons that still are not clear, the install on the Hotfix got busted halfway through and while trying to trubleshoot that I was bounced all over the MS help site and saw a reference to the stuck print jobs along the way. I have a day job and had to go back to work so was interrupted many times. I have saved all the other tips you kindly posted as they are gold.

    also re the hotfix; the dcumnetation consistently referred to "hibernation" which I do not use primarily because it takes longer and is so elaborate. I suppose in many ways standby and hibernate are the same thing. I wasn't nitpicking really  ;^))

    Author Closing Comment

    Thank you again this was a real learning experiance. bd_good
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    I prefer Hibernation over Standby as it involves the machine switching off fully rather than going into a low power state that some hardware may be more likely to dislike.  The only downside in my mind is the disk space usage but nowadays even laptops have generous sized hard drives.
    I doubt it's a general USB2 on USB1.1 issue - just the particular device itself.

    Glad I was able to assist.  Thanks for the points.

    Author Comment

    Your point taken  (and given ;^)) ) tks again.

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