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Hi Everyone
i am using two 22 inch screens that connected to a 9600GT MSI video card.
after my computer goes on standby with the screens, when im starting to use the machine only the second screen comes back and the other stays black.
i recently replaced my power supply to 650W thermaltek and it keeps happening.
sometimes the first screen comes back but with allot of disturbs on the screnn, looks like the HZ is not correct but its not the prob.
when im restarting the machine, everything comes back as usual till next time.
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Pc-ITAuthor Commented:
hi all
you have to install the updated from the solution center in windows 7.
after it checks everything up, install the chipset driver that it recommand and that install your video card as well.
now everything works great.

Its a driver issue and as of dec 2008 nvidia hadnt taken care of it,, you could try the latest driver which can be found here -

if that doesnt work  you could try To circumvent this problem by changing the  NVIEW setting to a "Clone" setting (Analog and Digital dual mode) and whenever resuming from a Standby  hit alt-F5 to switch from an Analog to a Digital Display.
Pc-ITAuthor Commented:
what do you meen Alt+F5. in what specific window? cos im trying it and nothing happens
Did you change your settings in nview to clone?

I cant guarantee this will work...Its the solution that worked for a work-mate, i just thought it might work for you.
Pc-ITAuthor Commented:
when im changing the setting to clone it works but thats not a solution... when im changing the res it fine but when im changing the res back to the higest res its black again
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