how to fix limited or no connectivity on a dlink dl-524 with multiple wireless connections

The original question I found here was..."How to fix limited or no connectivity on a dlink dl-524Question: I have managed to load the d link dl- 524 on my main computer.  i am trying to wirelessly connect my laptop, the laptop is saying that the signal strength is excellent but there is limited or no connectivity."

Okay, I have all four hardwire ports connected to rooms in the house. two of the ports are actually connecting my Directv HD DVRs and each have an IP address assigned to them (i.e. and 103) respectively. I have set the IP range on the DI-254 like this Start: and Stop: My wife has two laptops and I have one business wireless laptop that are set find the IP address Automatically. We also have a guest with a wireless laptop. At any given time we could have as many as SIX Wireless connections to the router.

The limited connectivity issues started surfacing after we connected the DirecTv units to the network. WHAT CAN I DO TO INCREASE THE CONNECTIVITY CAPABILITY OF MY DLINK ROUTER SO THAT THIS ERROR DOES NOT CONTINUE?
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akahanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It sounds like you have multiple devices getting the same IP address.

You say that your Directtv DVR's are "assigned" and 103.  Is this because you have given them static IP addresses in their own setup configurations?  Or because those addresses have been "assigned" by the router?

If the former, that's your problem:   You have machines that have static IP addresses that are in the same range as the addresses being handed out by DHCP by your router.

When you tell the router to hand out addresses from to, it'll hand out, then, then, etc.   If there's a device with a static ip address of, then you'll have two devices with that address: the one with the statically assigned address, and the one that's assigned the address via DHCP by the router.  This will create exactly the kind of conflict you're experiencing.

If your DVR's have addresses and, then set the DHCP range on the router to start at  That way, the addresses handed out by DHCP will not overlap the ones you've assigned statically.  After making this change on your router, you'll have to reboot all the machines that get their addresses via DHCP, so they can get new addresses.

menardrsAuthor Commented:
So, if I assign the two DVR's 102 and 103 will the router still see them? I was under the impression that the range I set on the DI-524 would dictate what the unit would recognise and not simply auto assign. However, I will give this a try and let you know of my findings.

Thanks again for your help. This is the most clarity I have had on this subject to date.
It will still see them.  The range you set on the DI-524 governs the addresses it HANDS OUT for DHCP, not the addresses it will "see".  

Assuming you're using the subnet mask for everything in your network, the router will treat  all machines with an address in the - range as being on the same network.

If it were otherwise, there would be no way to mix machines with statically assigned addresses and machines with DHCP-assigned addresses on the same network.

I look forward to hearing about your results!
menardrsAuthor Commented:
EUREKA! This did the trick. I can not thank you enough for the help. The timing of the response was great and the solution easy to understand in implement. You guys are awesome!!
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