How do I import a site into Dreamweaver CS4 from web.

Here is my problem:
I'm a total newb, so bear with me. I built a website using Godaddy's website builder, Website Tonight.  I needed to add some PHP script, but found out that this website builder does not support that scripting language.  I then asked if I could take what I had built, and then transfer that to a regular hosting account.  The answer was "no" because the templates in there website builder Website Tonight were proprietary. I do not have access to ftp files (don't even know what those are).
My solution was to download the free trial of Dreamweaver CS4, and then import the website directly from the web.  From other responses on this site, it sounds like this is possible, but a little messy.
Can someone explain this to me like I am a 7 year old, how to import the site from the web, and then what problems I will encounter after doing so?
Thanks in advance.
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v2MediaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. create a folder 'my_site'. inside that folder, make another called 'images'.
2. download and install a website spidering program such as this one: -
3. use the spider to save your html files to 'my_site', and the images to 'my_site/images' (read the directions for how to do this in the manual of the program you use)
4. download the entire website
5. open dreamweaver and define a new site, give 'my_site' as the location of local folder.
6. start repairing broken paths in links and images.
7. download any additional files that the spider may have missed (such as css/javascript files) by typing the url for these files directly into your web browser.  Save the file into 'my_site'.
8. in dreamweaver, repair the paths to any css or javascript files that you downloaded.
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
The above is almost a perfect answer.

However, if money is not a problem then you might look at Site Import from Web Assist. It will perform the same actions as above but without the need to repair paths. A bonus is that it will also recreate a dwt file if you import a site based on a DW template.  
davewebhelpAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help v2Media!
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