Resizing illustrator file

Hey, a client who does graphic design sent over an AI file with a site that was 16000px, yeah thats huge! I try resizing the whole layout to:

950 width, but when I shrink it to that, it SEEMS MUCH SMALLER than that viewed at 100% is it resolution or anything in the document settings?


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hi there

how do you resize the image?

open the 16000px AI
click ctr+alt+P -- you open a page set up
then check what units the image? (may be here you got confused)
then put your width and height you need
click ok and shrink down your image. (hold shift and pull some corner)
fit your image at the doc
catonthecouchproductionsAuthor Commented:
I know how to resize it, but it seems like it was resizing weird..i will try your steps. Appreciate it!

Thank you,
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