Looking for email server with adspace (adsense) banners builtin to webmail interface?


Setting up a free email service.
Need email server where the web access interface already has banner space built into the interface for ads like adsense. aka Gmail

Free or Commercial would do.

Any suggestions?
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That's probably the best way to do it. Most of these sites have common header and footer files, you can just add a div and everyone will move out of the way on all the pages.
Nothing off the shelf comes to mind, you'll probably need to do a bit of programming/editing the pages yourself to fit the ads in. The web interface is usually add-on software you can use with any server that supports IMAP. Have you looked at squirrelmail? What platform are we talking about here (window/linux/java?)
kjsadeghiAuthor Commented:
SUSE Linux 11.1

I see, I thought it would be something more common. I guess i could just edit the presentation files, hopefully won't create any domino effects.
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