Confused on formulas for KEI, KOI and KFI

Hi, I have posted previous as my results for KEI, KOI and KFI seemed incredibly high, and I don't think I have found a new niche where no-one optimises...Anyway can someone check my formula?  Or I am happy to except variations. :)

Key Word Effectiveness (KEI) - Est Monthly searches*2/Competition *1000  (where competition equals number of websites when keyword searched).
Keyword Opportunity Index (KOI)-  Est Monthly searches*Est Monthly searches/Allinanchor: (where Allinanchor equals the number of websites in results for that specific keyword).
Keyword Feasibility Indexes (KFI)- Est Monthly searches*Est Monthly searches/Allintitle: (where Allintitle equals the number of websites in results for that specific keyword).

Where I normally find KEI say at .28 or very low single figures, this is in completely separate niche research.

So when I came to this niche and found KEI at 205 and KOI at 47 million and KFI at 16 million...I suddenly started thinking I had got the formula wrong.

One other element, I am using Google keyword tool, and selecting 'pages from uk' when searching Google for number of websites.  Not sure if this is something to do with the highly competitive un-optimised keywords?

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parevkezConnect With a Mentor Commented:
well I have used WebCEO but did not like that much,it's too big and does not have that many features as Market Samurai.
The market samurai tells you phrase search,broad,exact searches ,backlink and they have added new feature which checks inside the titles,if that keyword is optimized and how many people uses it in their titles.I think you can download for free and test it.I have full version and very happy with it.
are you using wordtracker for your KEI?
wood1eAuthor Commented:
No I am using google keywords..
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sorry,what do you really looking for?
wood1eAuthor Commented:
What I wanted to know is are the formula I am using correct?  I know there is no precise way of calculating the worth of specific keywords, so I use all the three mentioned above, to get a feel for various keywords.

The problem is that some of the keywords I am research have KEI of 2500, whereas with other keyword researches I have done for different niches, then KEI has always been very low...

So I was wondering if my formula were wrong... :) Or as right as they can be.
My advise is forget about KEI all the formulas,the only search service uses this is wordtracker which they base on other small search engines.there are no one tool that you can be sure,the best way is go to google and check the number of search volume.for competition use quotes " "  in google search and see what number you get.

I use Market Samurai you pay once and get all the results in one place.
wood1eAuthor Commented:
Whats the difference between Market Samurai  and WebCEO or any other software?

Market Samurai  must use some form of indeses to show you what keywords are valuable within the niche... ?
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