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Worst Video Games

I agreed to help out one of my favorite kids at a school I do a lot of computer work for, when I realized, I haven't bought a video game since SimCity 2000.  Now there was a game.

He is doing a project on the worst of Video Games.  What are the worst things that video games have to offer, or behaviors that they arguably encourage.  ( I wont get into that, I'll let him)   :)  So, the three topics he is trying to find out about are:

1.   Worst Video Game Violence.  Includes not just shooting, hacking, and exploisions, but graphic death, mutilation, gore, and anything that would make the average person feel ÿnauseatingly sick.
2.   Worst Video Game Sex and Degradation.  Includes not just games with graphic sex and barely clothed characters, but also games with women or sex as rewards or prizes, or anything that uses sex as the object / goal of the game.
3.   Worst Suggestive Themes.  Drinking, Smoking, Drugs.  Anything that promotoes or otherwise provides a positive ÿreinforcement of these things, or has blatant display of and frequent use of as part of the game.

As far as I know, his project is not limited to a single platform, but has a few time constraints.  PC Games, no time constraints.  Console Games, year 2000+
2 Solutions
Secondlife (online computer game) anything you can do in real life you can do in secondlife if you know what I mean....

☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
I think GTA covers most of those bases
Postal and Postal 2
Saints row 1 & 2, has violence, whores, sex, drugs and alchol. Not sure when 1 came out, but 2 is def 2000+

Gears of War 2 (again not sure when 1 came out). Very violent. Shoot them in the head, head pops off with a lot of blood. Oh can't forget the fact that you can walk up to anyone with a chain saw and saw them in half.

FirstDownMageAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the description of what is wrong with it.

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