It is official - Trend Micro WFBS Sucks

  For years I have suspected Trend Micro's WFBS is like putting a screen door on a submarine. Doesn't stop much. I have finally had my suspicions confirmed. I got a call the other day from a customer who got infected with Antivirus 360 (reported Dec 2008). It was so infected I couldn't believe it. I am suprised the computer functioned at all. I open up the Trend client, made sure it was up to date and pulled a full scan. It found absolutely nothing! Two month old malware and Trend didn't even have it in there signature definitions. Has anyone else been disgusted with Trend Micro?

   I have been looking for others but can't seem to find anything else out there that works any better. I would think that since malware is probably the number one threat to computer today that ratings for the various package would be in abundance but for not.

   Does anyone know where I can find good, honest ratings for the varios client/server malware packages out there today? Can anyome personally recommend a good one? It isn't Trend ...
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jimbecherConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
  No response to Trend question or acceptable client/server solution.
The Antivirus 360, and others like antivirus98 had many variations and so far i have not found any anti-virus than can really stop this one or their clones fully

I have try it WFSB, avast, norton, avg and others, for this the best software to remove it is malwarebytes witch is not really an intivirus but an anti-malware, along with spybot.

Scan the PC twice with each and then also the aniti-virus of your preference

If anyone has a suggestion on anti-virus than can stop the antivirus360,and it's variations would like to hear it also
jimbecherAuthor Commented:
  That is how I cleaned this particular computer. Malwarebytes. Spysweeper did a good job but left some registry entries/ BHO objects that left IE still kind of messed up but Malwarebytes cleaned it perfectly. It seems like the standalone programs have always done a much, much better job then the client/server versions but try to keep on top of 150 standalone versions would be a little daunting.
Try Spybot Seach and destroy that should take care of it, I use both client/server and stand alone and none of them had been able to stop the antivirus 360 and it's variables only the other two.

I even have some PC's runiing spyware terminator with a shield running on the background and nothing.

Sorry I can be of to much help
I have seen AV2008/2009 circumvent all AV products.  Combofix is a good tool to remove it.

It's as much a flaw in the operating system as it is the AV vendor.  

If you try Symantec EndPoint you'll be running back to Trend WFBS with open arms!
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