How do I remove Symantec Client Security?

I have Symantec Client Security installed on a workstation on my domain.   This was part of a network anti-virus that was on a previous server.   The current server does not have this network anti-virus.   I have AVG Network Edition and I want to deploy it on all the workstations on the domain.   I tried to remove Symantec Client Security using Control Panel, however it requires a password in order to remove it.   I do not have this password, so I am unable to remove it.   I tried using Norton Removal Tool, but it does not cover this program and says I must uninstall it manually.
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wantabe2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
try using symantec

I think that is the deault PW
xmachineConnect With a Mentor Commented:

You can either disable the password completely or use Symantec's NoNav tool to remove all files/folders/registry keys that related to SAV:

1) To remove the password:

Open Regedit, browse to


Set UseVPUninstallPassword = 0

Try removing SAV from Add/Remove programs

2) If the above step didn't work, download and run Nonav

A Symantec Certified Specialist @ your service
jimmymcp02Connect With a Mentor Commented:
if the suggestions above do not work try cleanwipe. download it from this link
Follow the instruction on how to rename it from .txt to .exe
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