Music Folder Structure on PS3-USB Drive

I have a 80gb PS3 with USB connection. I want to hookup a 1tb drive with video, pictures & music to display/play through the PS3. As a test I took a 120gb WD portable USB drive, made a MUSIC folder under the root, and copied a bunch of music there. Under that I have 'Genre' folders and under those albums. When I hookup the drive to the PS3, I see the first folder, but just a few songs in that. I assume it is picking up the first subfolder (the genre ones) as Albums, and only looking for MP3s inside those folders, ignoring the actual albums.

1st question - is that correct.
2nd question - is there a way around that - using my own file structure? Problem is that with thousands of songs and hundreds of albums, the root-album-song structure would be way too slow to navigate.

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One alternative solution is what I chose.  I opened up windows media player on a pc ==>tools ==>options ==>library and then pointed to my usb `tb drive plugged into it and shared it on my network.  I then went to my ps3, went to music then searched for media servers, found my pc, went to music, and BOOM! I was in heaven for 6 hours throwing my own personal rave party :)

This optional solution assumes that you have a wireless connection (or a wired connection) to a LAN in your home.
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