Downloads reaching 99% and hangs

Hi I am having a problem with downloading any type of file from any website.Especially when using a download manager the file downloads and when it reaches sometimes half way or even 99% it just hangs and i am not able to even stop and resume it the only thing i can do is cancel it and restart  the whole file download.I re-installed my windows over 5 times thinking it might be  corrupt or a virus hiding but the problem still happens no matter what download manager,browser,or where I download from.Could you guys please tell me what might be the problem?
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Add rapidshare to the exceptions list in the windows firewall, control panel windows firewall exceptions.
Use Orbit Downloader as RapidShare downloader instead of this alternative downloader

Is your windows firewall turned off? With Bit defender
For Bit defender to do it's job you can't  really tell it to stop protecting you, it is a known bug that there is not a lot of solutions for a functioning exceptions list.
The tech team at Bit Defender offered this
disable Bit Defender (Settings -> Shield -> unselect "Real-time protection is enabled" and set the time limit in the popup dialog).
Disabling Bitefender is risky and exposes your ip address to attacks.
Otherwise choose a different security software that does not have a firewall built in ( total security) just the AV part
Sorry that's all I can offer you unless some else has more insights
That sounds pretty frustrating. I have a few questions:
What kind of internet connection do you have?
Do you have an external firewall or router that could be blocking downloads?
Do you have another computer on the same LAN to test the Internet connection?
platinumsteelAuthor Commented:
ok i am a little late on this reply here.i did some troubleshooting and i realize that it was the anti-virus that was sifting the data flowing tru and any virus or infection it finds the download is messed up.cause when i disable the anti-virus the download is successful.Now my question is can there be a way to stop it from scanning in that manner while files are downloading?Without leaving the real time scan disabled?If there is way I would be happy cause at present I have my real time scan off and manually scanning my files now.
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What antivirus software do you have?
platinumsteelAuthor Commented:
i am using bitdefender total security 2009
Just to offer an idea, I don't know what type of downloader you are using or the file format,
 can you r/click this file's download URL and save as?
that will bypass the AV scans until you actually run it.
Could you provide some more details?
is it a .exe?

platinumsteelAuthor Commented:
well here is what is going on.i have a premium account with rapidshare.i use a program called Internet Download Manager.all i do is just select whatever i want to download or copy and paste the links in the browser and IDM would take over and download my files..It works great but it's just I need to configure my antivirus to stop scanning the files coming in while it's downloading.If there isn't a way to do it then I would just disable the real time scan and scan my files manually....So please let me know if u have an idea as to how to properly configure my antivirus to stop scanning the files while it's downloading to my hardrive.
platinumsteelAuthor Commented:
thanks a lot metete,but i don't quite understand fully what you are trying to present my windows firewall is off.i have only the real time protection disabled which i think controls the detection of viruses and some spyware and malware.The firewall protection part of Bitdefender is still enabled and i am able to control which software access the internet and what should not.I understand that their aren't a lot of functioning exceptions lists and it may not be possible to configure bitdefender to let it do exactly 100% how i want it too run.But as of this moment I am running the anti-virus section disabled so that it wont mess up my unattented downloads and when it is finished I would do manual scans.I just prefer to see what are the viruses and hopefully remove the individual files instead of having my downloads hang up on me and not knowing in details what's going on.But I really appreciate your information about the known bug that doesn't have much solutions for a functioning exceptions lists.So I think i would accept your soulution and just work with what i have right now until better can be done.Thanks again.
platinumsteelAuthor Commented:
thanks for the info
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