Select tool in websites doesnt select

I have noticed that in websites that I used to be able to select text I cannot do so any longer. Latest symptom is on ebay where drop down menus cannot be selected. Both trying to do this and select my select "hand" does not change and I cannot do anything on the site
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Safeguy64Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks but I have found the problem

The problem code is  ID Ten T .

There is a hand selection radio button that I must have selected by accident on the tablet!!

The problem code looks correct  like this  ID10T or idiot!!!!!


Safeguy64--Just guessing.  
Run IE without Add-Ons..  Start|All Programs|Accessories|System Tools|Internet Explorer (no-addons).
Try a System Restore to a date before the problem started.  This is specially recommended if you installed new programs or changed your IE security settings about the time the problem started.
When you say "drop down menus cannot be selected" do you mean you cannot see the drop down menu or that you cannot select an item from the menu?  Is the problem occurring anywhere other than ebay?

Safeguy64Author Commented:
I have already selected running without add ons to no avail. the drop downmenu just doesnt work. The mouse icon just stays as a hand. the inability to select text is on about 90% of sites I visit. My XP machine has no problem.
Many thanks for the idea though, nice to see the site works
Safeguy64Author Commented:
Also tried a restore as far back as I could - jan 09 but still have the same problem
Safeguy64--Still guessing.  ("nice to see the site works"  ???  I understand the problem is that drop down context menus no longer drop down/work on all websites, correct? or is the problem specific to ebay?)
If just ebay, put it into Trusted Sites.
Two other possibilities
1)  Check for malware.  Run your antivirus and antispyware programs (using latest reference definitions)
2)  Repair/Install  But I am not sure this works on Vista.
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