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Checking row count from ObjectDataSource with Filtering

I have a lot of asp Labels acting as section headers on my page which I need to hide if there are no records in the ObjectDataSource.

This has been working fine with the code below but now that I have implemented filtering the code is still counting rows even though there aren't actually any displayed.

Can you suggest a way to take into consideration the filtering when counting the rows?
protected void ShowHidePanels()
        System.Collections.IEnumerable ie = GridViewDS.Select();
        int Count = ((System.Data.DataView)(ie)).Table.Rows.Count;
        if (Count > 0)
            IncomingReturnsHeaderPanel.Visible = true;
            IncomingReturnsWrap.Visible = true;
            ShowDetailsMessage.Text = "<br>Select a Return to View Details";
            ShowDetailsMessage.Visible = true;
            ReturnDetailsView.Visible = false;
            CustomerDetailsView.Visible = false;
            FaultDetailsView.Visible = false;
            ReturnDetailsHeaderPanel.Visible = false;
            FaultDetailsHeaderPanel.Visible = false;
            CustomerDetailsHeaderPanel.Visible = false;
            ReturnDetailsWrap.Visible = false;
            FaultDetailsWrap.Visible = false;
            CustomerDetailsWrap.Visible = false;
            IncomingReturnsHeaderPanel.Visible = false;
            ShowDetailsMessage.Text = "<br>There are no incoming returns at present.";
///Im setting the Filtering like this...
GridViewDS.FilterExpression = "DOR >= '" + DateFromTextBox.Text + "' and DOR <= '" + DateToTextBox.Text + "'";
/// I then call the method above once the filterexpression has been added to try to hide all the labels if there are now no records after filtering.

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1 Solution
Try this

http://forums.asp.net/t/940679.aspx (using compute with count)

//instead of

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andrewmilnerAuthor Commented:
BINGO!.  Thank you very much!.

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