Outlook Express Does not Show people under the 'From' Column

I have a user who is using outlook express in XP SP3. When she came back from holidays, she opened outlook express and a lot of her emails downloaded from the mail server without any information in the 'From' column (but all other fields are OK, like Date, subject etc).

Emails that she has received from around 10am this morning are showing names in this column as expected, and all other users are not affected by this issue.

I have checked for dbx corruption but it seems to be OK. Any ideas on this problem?
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jcimarronConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Craig_Campbell--Based on what you say the problem is not still continuing.  New messages are showing properly. It is the old messages already downloaded to that PC which continue to have the problem.
If the problem messages are still on the email provider's servers, download them again.  Do they now show the From field?
I suspect the inbox.dbx file on that PC became corrupt.  It seems to have fixed itself in the last few hours.
However the problem may return.
Read this http://www.microsoft.com/windows/IE/community/columns/filecorruption.mspx
Compacting is important to the health of OE folders.
If, after compacting, some messages are missing read here  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/918069/en-us
Craig_Campbell--When one of those messages is open, click File|Properties|Details.  Is there info in a From  line (whose name should appear in the From column)?  If not the email service provider did not send the information.  Little you can do about it.
If the From info is there, at least you can determine who sent the message.
Craig_CampbellAuthor Commented:
Yes the message details does show the sender in the header, which is why I cant figure out what is happening. I do not think it is an ISP issue, because some are internal emails, and other are received from reputable external clients (ie not SPAM).

If it was every email in the inbox with this issue, at least that would make some sense... but it is only affecting around 25% of them.
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Craig_Campbell--Is the problem continuing?  Your first post implies it has since resolved itself.
Craig_CampbellAuthor Commented:
No, the problem is still continuing.

Yes, the emails that are being received now are showing the information in the From field, but the emails in question (received between 9.00am and approx 10am AEST this morning) are not showing the From field.
Might suggest creating a new OE profile, and importing the previous messages back in and see if they appear....

Inbox.dbx might be corrupted......
LOL.... Didnt read all the way, apologies jcimarron.....
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