How to Install MSCRIPT Extension from command prompt


I work on a hosted VPS.
I downloaded phpMyAdmin on my local machine, unzipped it and uploaded it to my VPS www folder.
I configured the ini file, it is working I get to the Login screen but then for the authentication to work I am presented with an error message asking to install MSCRIPT Extension for Authentication to work.
I only have access to Command Prompt and SFTP on my VPS.

I am looking for the command lines to use in order to:
1. Download the MSCRIPT extension
2. Unzip them if need to be
3. Installation steps

All from the command line... I have not touched Linux since I was in college 10 years ago. Shell script and standard command line utilities are long gone skills of mine :-( but I am working on it with a pile of books and web links :-)


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deve-lopezAuthor Commented:
Found the solution.
If you are running Debian Linux 4 you can type this in the command prompt:

apt-get install php5-mcrypt php5-mhash

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