use internet url for OWA from with in same lan?

I have a exchange server running exchnage mail
I have domain name
mail MX is pointing to my public ip address 2xx.1xx.2xx.1xx
my internal ip address of server is
if i ping from inside network i get publice ipaddress resolved 2xx.1xx.2xx.1xx
if, from outside our network (from home) i go to i get my OWA and i can log in and it works
If I try and goto to the same address (  from work I get a error from router.
I there some entry to the DNS server running on our 2003 SBS server or in the router that will point any computer on the internal network useing our DNS server to resolve -> (sbs server)
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You will have to create an additional primary DNS zone on your SBS server called
Then, you need to create and A record called mail that goes to

After you do this, OWA will work from your LAN, but you won't be able to go to your web server at
To fix this, you need to create another A record under called www that points to your web server.
galant56kAuthor Commented:
Thats exactly what I was looking for :D
Thankyou so much
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