Migration of printe server through vbs

Hello I am newbie to vbs and I was wondering if there was a way to migrate a print server to a new one.  Here is the vbscript that i looked up on the internet.  I also use primalscript to create an executable. it appears to work but i am not sure.

'Here is the script:

' put in the server names here (keep the quotes!)
'MovePrinters "mi-mke-mcfile01", "mi-mke-mcprint"

' *********************************************
' Move printers to new server
' *********************************************
Sub MovePrinters(OldServer, NewServer)
' Loops through all network printers and moves all printers
' on "OldServer" to the same printername on "NewServer".
dim WshNetwork, oPrinters, i, PrinterPath, DefaultPrinter, PrinterList

Set WshNetwork = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Network")
Set PrinterList = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")

' Get the default printer before we start deleting:
DefaultPrinter = GetDefaultPrinter

' Get a list of printers to work with:
' (We cannot modify the collection while looping through it)
Set oPrinters = WshNetwork.EnumPrinterConnections
   For i = 1 to oPrinters.Count Step 2
   If Not PrinterList.Exists(oPrinters.Item(i)) Then
       PrinterList.Add oPrinters.Item(i), "x"
       WScript.Echo "duplicate:  " & oPrinters.Item(i) ' see the duplicate or remove this entire section completely
   End If
Next ' i

' Loop through the printer list and migrate mathching ones:
For Each PrinterPath In PrinterList.Keys

   If StrComp(ServerName(PrinterPath), OldServer, 1) = 0 Then
       WshNetwork.RemovePrinterConnection PrinterPath, True, True
       On Error Resume next
       WshNetwork.AddWindowsPrinterConnection "\\" & NewServer & "\" & _
           If Err.Number = 0 Then
               Set objFile = wscript.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
               If Not objFile.FolderExists("c:\printers_remapped") Then
               objFile.CreateFolder "c:\printers_remapped"
               End If
           End If    
           'If Err.Number = -2147023095 Then
           ' MsgBox "The printer """ & ShareName(PrinterPath) & _
           ' """ does not exist on server """ & NewServer & """." & vbCrLf & _
           ' "The printer has been removed.", vbOKonly + vbExclamation, _
           ' "Missing printer"
           'End If
       On Error goto 0
   End If

'Set the default printer:
If ServerName(DefaultPrinter) = OldServer Then
   On Error Resume Next
   WshNetwork.SetDefaultPrinter "\\" & NewServer & "\" & _
   'If Err.Number = -2147352567 Then
   'MsgBox "Your default printer did not exist, and has been deleted.", _
   ' vbOKonly + vbInformation, "Invalid default printer"
   'End If
   On Error goto 0
End If
End Sub ' MovePrinters

Function GetDefaultPrinter()
' Returns the UNC path to the current default printer
Dim oShell, sRegVal, sDefault
Set oShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
sRegVal = _
   "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows\Device"
sDefault = "" 
On Error Resume Next
sDefault = oShell.RegRead(sRegVal)
sDefault = Left(sDefault ,InStr(sDefault, ",") - 1)
On Error Goto 0
GetDefaultPrinter = sDefault
End Function

Function ServerName(sPrinterPath)
Dim aPrinterPath
ServerName = "" 
If Left(sPrinterPath, 2) = "\\" Then
   aPrinterPath = Split(sPrinterPath, "\")
   ServerName = aPrinterPath(2)
End If
End Function

Function ShareName(sPrinterPath)
Dim aPrinterPath
ShareName = "" 
   If Left(sPrinterPath, 2) = "\\" Then
   aPrinterPath = Split(sPrinterPath, "\")
   ShareName = aPrinterPath(3)
End If
End Function
any help would be welcome
erwin miranda
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That's one that works..  
Another is below.  I'm actually relatively new to vbs as well, but these both seem to do the same thing.  The below one seems simpler though.. less steps.
Dim from_sv, to_sv, PrinterPath, PrinterName, DefaultPrinterName, DefaultPrinter
Dim DefaultPrinterServer, SetDefault, key
Dim spoint, Loop_Counter
Dim WshNet, WshShell
Dim WS_Printers
DefaultPrinterName = ""
spoint = 0
SetDefault = 0
set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.shell")
from_sv = "\\mi-mke-mcfile01" 'This should be the name of the old server.
to_sv = "\\mi-mke-mcprint" 'This should be the name of your new server.
'Make sure there are printers installed
On Error Resume Next
key = "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows\Device"
DefaultPrinter = LCase(WshShell.RegRead (key))
If Err.Number <> 0 Then
   DefaultPrinterName = ""
'If the registry read was successful then parse out the printer name so we can
' compare it with each printer later and reset the correct default printer
' if one of them matches this one read from the registry.
spoint = instr(3,DefaultPrinter,"\")+1
DefaultPrinterServer = left(DefaultPrinter,spoint-2)
if DefaultPrinterServer = from_sv then
   DefaultPrinterName = mid(DefaultPrinter,spoint,len(DefaultPrinter)-spoint+1)
end if
end if
Set WshNet = CreateObject("WScript.Network")
Set WS_Printers = WshNet.EnumPrinterConnections
For Loop_Counter = 0 To WS_Printers.Count - 1 Step 2
   PrinterPath = lcase(WS_Printers(Loop_Counter + 1))
   if LEFT(PrinterPath,len(from_sv)) = from_sv then
      spoint = instr(3,PrinterPath,"\")+1
      PrinterName = mid(PrinterPath,spoint,len(PrinterPath)-spoint+1)
      WshNet.RemovePrinterConnection from_sv+"\"+PrinterName
      WshNet.AddWindowsPrinterConnection to_sv+"\"+PrinterName
      if DefaultPrinterName = PrinterName then
         WshNet.SetDefaultPrinter to_sv+"\"+PrinterName
      end if
   end if
Set WS_Printers = Nothing
Set WshNet = Nothing
Set WshShell = Nothing

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erwin_mirandaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the Help man..
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