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What is the best way of putting a switch on the Outside of a Firewall due to multiple lines?

We have multiple wan lines coming into our Office and I've run out of ports on the FW. I am thinking of putting a switch on the Outside of the FW with the multiple WAN lines coming in?
Is it possible to have a transparent switch that . I am thing ing this dur to VPN and Public Ips etc etc.
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I believe in version 7 it did support transparency instead of NAT.

The trouble will be when and how your going to switch over to each ISP, else they would be always on.

If they are always on, then maybe some services go out one path, and the others go out the other path.. If thats what you want, go ahead.

If you want lowest cost routing, a switch is not going to but it.
Neither will automatic redundant connections...

And since the external IP's will be different, the Firewall will require extra memory and CPU to NAT all connections simultaneously for each access point, even if you use transparent mode.

JerveyAuthor Commented:
So any suggestiond for an option. there must be a better solutionm?
you could VLAN and then secondary the interface in the ASA i think?
for what?
lowest cost routing?
fail-over redundancy?
Fastest access?
dedicated tunnels over particular links?

I would need to know more about your network, and intentions to offer a decent answer...

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