We are having 4 servers on our production network running windows server 2003.
Corporate antivirus used: Trendmicro Office Scan backed up by a Barracuda Web filter.
There is a Tripplite SmartPro 5000vA ups having a SNMP card attached to it and is connected to the network switch along with the remaining systems.
Ok now the problem is I am not being able to establish any connectivity with SmartPro from the domain controller ie am not being able to ping. But at the same time i was able to ping from all other servers and/or PC's connected to network.
There is no firewall as such running in DC and the antivirus and web fillter settings are similar for the network.
Please help me establish connectivity
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vinodm83Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks a lot rwatson119 for replying; but i guess i found the solution.
I got the mac address of the device and added a static arp entry in the DC and hence goto ping the tripplite and configured the same. Just one thing the arp entry gets deleted after a restart so wrote a batch file and loaded it at startup. Now everything is working fine.
I'm guessing you can ping everything from the domain controller except the UPS is that correct?

Are you pinging by IP Address or DNS?

What is the IP address, DNS and gateway of the DC and the UPS?
vinodm83Author Commented:
Well yes i can ping everything else except the swipe machines and of course the UPS from DC.
I have tried pinging using IP address.

I am using a teamed NIC for my DC and its having an
IP address:
DNS: (Hosted on DC)
Gateway: (ASA)

UPS IP address: (same range as DC)
I am actually able to ping the UPS from any other system/server on the network  except the DC
Good to hear.
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