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I am trying to install a Dell 968W Wireless printer.  It is installed on the desktop and is working fine wirelessly from there, however, I cannot get my leptop to recognize the printer in order to connect it.  The install keeps asking for a url.  The example they are giving is http://network/printers/myprinter/.printer.  This means nothing to me and I'm about ready to hurl the thing out the window.  Attmpts to find the printer don't work either.  Please help!
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EarshelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is a direct link to the section of the users manual that should describe how to configure it.

Have you run through the CD setup and configured an IP Address on the device?
PattonBoggsITAuthor Commented:
Yes, Setup and Configuration went fine.  I have not performed the steps as instructed by Earshel.  I'm at work now but will follow the guide when I get home.  Thanks much, I will keep you posted.
PattonBoggsITAuthor Commented:
Manual was not easy to follow, providing this link did the trick and I thank you.
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