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How do i configure Exchange Server 2007 to send internal and external emails at the same time


I have a windows 2003-2008 mixed domain with exchange 2007 enterprise edition installed on a windows 2008 member server. all our domain computer have outlook 2003 or outlook 2007 installed and configured with both external pop & smtp server ip addresses to send and receive emails from the internet.

Lets say that my registered external domain account name is @mydomain.com and also my internal domain name is mydomain.com so they both are the same.

What i want is to enable domain users to send emails internally , that is for example if a domain users sends an email with huge attachment  to another domain user from the same office or LAN it gets delivered using the internal connection to the exhcnage 2007 server and not through the internet , also they should still be able to send and receive emails to the internet .

How is it possible to do that without having to create a seperate profile for each account , thanks in advanced.
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2 Solutions
Andrej PirmanCommented:
My bet would be to configure DHCP and DNS properly.

1.) Your LOCAL DNS should have A-record for "mydomain.com" configured to point to your local IP, and your MX domain (probably mail.mydomain.com) should also have an A-record locally on local IP.
Also, your local DNS should use Forwarders, pointed to public DNS for resolution of all other domains, except local.

2.) Your PUBLIC DNS should have above mentioned A-records pointed to your public IP addresses, as they probably already are.

3.) Your DHCP for clients should have settings for DNS servers for name resolution in this order:
1st DNS should be your local DNS inside LAN
2nd DNS should be public DNS

With such a configuration, clients will resolve to your local IP range when connected locally, and mail will be delivered locally.
When clients are outside your LAN, they will use 2nd DNS to reslove addresses, so public routes will be in use.
Why do you have both Exchange accounts and POP3 configured in Outlook? Is your Exchange server not responsible for email delivery?

If you routed all email through Exchange (which is how it is designed to work) with no POP3 accounts in Outlook at all, then internal email would stay internal. The only email that would be sent to the internet is external recipients.

It sounds like either your Outlook clients aren't configured correctly, Exchange isn't configured correctly or you are simply not using Exchange as it was designed.

WarriorHypnotistAuthor Commented:
yes i installed exchange 2007 just recently  for the purpose of internal email communication between employees and not to use it with the internet. the reason is that email mesages dont have to be downloaded to the exchange server , and in case it went down or we stoped using it people would still send and receive emailss using the external email hosting service.
now since my domain name is exactly the same as the registerd email  @mydomain.com i want as i said to have internal communication with people who have emails in the @mydoamin.com while working @ the office

i already have an email with this address user@mydomain.com
im thinking to create a user in active directory or exchange 2007 and assign it the same email address user@mydomain.com.

in outlook i will add a 2nd email(exchange email not pop3)  to the same profile and then both will appear.
does this sound like a solution ?
When Outlook is connected to Exchange, it will look to Exchange for email delivery.
For Exchange to work correctly you either need to use it for ALL email, or for none. There is no middle ground, as Exchange is not designed to work in that way. While you can fiddle around with Outlook configuration, email delivery will not be reliable.
You need to decide which you are going to work with and then configure the server as appropriate.

Server going down - well if you have that concern then you need to look at why. Server failure is not that common. If you put the server on good quality hardware with the required redundancies then the chances of failure can be reduced.

Once you have decided which solution you are going to use, create the accounts and email addresses etc in Exchange. Ensure that Exchange is set as the default account in Outlook so that email is stored on the Exchange server. That may mean new Outlook profiles. If POP3 is already configured then the email will be delivered to PST files rather than left on the server, which removes the collaboration functionality of the server.

WarriorHypnotistAuthor Commented:
Thanx for you both but

Mestha: i think you are right , i should just use the whole exchange services to send and receive emails.
Labsy:i think your suggestion may work but it needs testing , mabe i will test it if i can sometime.


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