VB. NET Data Binding: How to drill down with listboxes and comboboxes


I have two tables as in the attached images and I've configured a dataset as in the query below. Form I'm trying to build is also in the attached image.

What I need to do is to drill down to [Descrizione Guasto] by making selection from two preceding listboxes. Let's say if user selects some value in Tipologia (which has to be DISTINCT... but now it's not) then the [Descrizione Categoria] is filtered out according to this. After selecting [Descrizione Categoria] user will be presented with the filtered out rows in the [Descrizione Guasto] combobox.

1) How do I make a databound listbox display only distinct values in this scenario?
2) How do I tie all these controls together?

Many thanks in advance!
SELECT  d.[Guasto ID], 
		d.[Descrizione Guasto], 
		d.[Categoria Guasto], 
		c.[Descrizione categoria], 
		c.[Codice categoria]
FROM	tblCategorieGuasto AS c INNER JOIN
        tblCodiciGuasto AS d ON c.[Codice categoria] = d.[Categoria Guasto]

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ZaurbAuthor Commented:
Thank you!
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