Mail stuck in the Outbox

We are having problems where some users mail appears to be stuck in the Outbox.
It appears that these messages may or may not be sent. When exiting Outlook 2003 the messages may have dissappeared when but they do not appear in the sent items folder.

It appears to happen mailnly with users who are working in Cached mode. and users whos mailboxes are over 1GB.

When we have changed back to "online" mode the issue appears to go away.

We have seen instances where messages a stuck in the Webmail "outbox" but not in the "Cached" mode outbox. But when switching to "Online" mode the stuck mails show up.

Whats Changed?

Well we have recently implementated a "FE/BE" setup and made all our server at the remote locations (11 in total)  local bridgehead servers. This was done to reduce the load on the main office mail server and leased line connection. We have only a single routing group.

Any Ideas?

I thought that it could be to do with I/O performance problems on our server, but this does also happen to some of the remote sites.  We hae 400+ mail boxes and this problem has only really been seen by a dozen or so!
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Syedm2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Check for outlook addins.
Recreating profile is a good one.
If it is only happening in Cached Exchange Mode, then you could try running a scanost.
mf_readAuthor Commented:
I've run Scanost before and It claimed to resolve some issues but then I was unable to access that files again. As for the cached mode users, we have alot of them and It did appear that deleting the OST and letting the system recreate it did make an improvement.
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