Different subnets cannot talk directly...What are the possible ways? I got a Cisco Catalyst 2960...How to configure it?

Hi there;

I have got different subnets and different subnets cannot talk directly...



One member having IP:

wants to talk with another member having IP:
He writes as cmd->\\ABC.XYZ.QWE.IOP

But cannot talk...

Q1) What are the all possible ways?
Q2) I got a Cisco Catalyst 2960...How to configure it to achieve this?

Best regards...
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Unfortunately you cannot.
2960 is a Layer 2 switch. You would need a Layer 3 switch or a router to achieve this.
jazzIIIloveAuthor Commented:
I heard stg about VLAN stuff related with 2960 switch...VLAN thing helps to do this?

Best regards...
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Vlans would do this, on a Layer 3 switch.
On a layer 2 switch you can only have 1 IP address on the device.
Ergo, No routing.
jazzIIIloveAuthor Commented:
No offense but do you have any links to prove your state? :)

Best regards...
jazzIIIloveAuthor Commented:
Please correct me if i have mistake:

First Link:
a small very flat network (meaning only one private network range for the whole site) a L2 switch to connect all the servers and clients to the internet is probably going to suffice. Larger networks, or those with the need to contain broadcast traffic or those utilizing VOIP, a multi network approach utilizing VLANs is appropriate, and when one is utilizing VLANs, L3 switches are a natural fit.

says natural fit...I guess L2 is unnatural...But it works somehow?

Second lLnk:
Single IP address, SYSLOG, SNMP management for a stack of up to 16 switches

This single IP thing is the disturbance...Right?

Best regards...And thanks for your patience...:)
This is correct.
A Layer 2 switch would only work with a Router in place to route between VLANs etc.
Layer 2 switches cannot route, this is the issue. As such a Layer 2 switch only needs one IP.

Ie. A L2 switch only has 1 IP because it cannot route, not that it cannot route because it only has 1 IP.

If you have a VLAN capable (Eg Cisco) router this is the only way you will achieve your goal.
jazzIIIloveAuthor Commented:
very neat...
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