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Verint Call Recording Integration.

My company wish to integrate to the Vering call recording system. This is a request for information from anyone who may have performed a similar task.

Any information will be helpful.
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I have installed/supported and attended the formal Verint training classes and I might be of some assistance.
What Verint products are you dealing with, and what platform(s) are you integrating to?
steve81182Author Commented:
Hi ehat,

The product the company is using is Verint ULTRA. The product is set up to record all customer calls and as far as i'm aware they use the product as follows:

(i) Each team lead quality checks 20+ calls a week for their team.
(ii)They randomly cherry-pick and listen to the best calls using the Verint application.
(iii)They complete agent score cards based on the businesses pre-defined quality metrics.

My company has a customer interaction product that is easily integrated with the majority of leading Telephony providers. The product also offers a rich workflow system for internal/external work managment. We would like to integrate into the Verint ULTRA system to allow the client the capability of performing the tasks from within our workflow management system.

Our system is java based and it is currently my assumptions that :
(i) Verint customer interactions are stored in a relational database (Oracle, SQLServer etc.)
(ii)The relational database will be accessible to us via JDBC.
(iii)The relatonal database model can provide links -> customers -> timestamped interactions (calls) -> agents -> teams -> recordings.
(iv)Recordings are standard .avi files and when recorded are dropped to a server directory which could be exposed to clients by http(s).

What is of particualr interest to me is :
(i) Are my assumptions correct?
(ii)Would my integration approach i.e JDBC suit ? if not what would be the best integration approach?
(iii)What language is Verint ULTRA developed in?
(iv)It's assumed that the arhive for application data is a standard database schema that can be deployed on any (most of) the leading db vendor products, is this right? If so, a technical description (i.e: database design document) expalining the schema structure, tables, links would be of great benefit to me in understanding what is required prior to my arrival on site.
(v) Is there an API provided by Verint that allows for integration. I know both AVAYA and CISCO have Java API's that can be invoked by client applications who wish to integrate with the telephony system. If something like this was available for Verint ULTRA it would be of great benefit.
(vi) Any documentation on the Verint ULTRA system. I.e Installation guides, Administration guides, Development guides, Training material.
Also, as far as i'm aware, the platform is windows.
Thank you in advance for any time spent on this request.
Steve - I really think you need to become a Verint partner as they have the partner info out there under NDA that you're asking for.  However, there is a database, it is ODBC compliant, and the schema and other items will be provided by Verint.
Good luck, I can't help you out with any more specifics due to legal reasons.
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steve81182Author Commented:

I read up on what a verint partner is and i don't think this would be a viable option as this is a once off task for a particular customer.

Also, i am contracting so it is not my place to ask/demand.

Thanks for your comment and I understand if for legal reasons you can't divulge any technical inner workings but considering i am arriving on site in the next week any additional (legal) information you can provide would be of benefit.

- is there a specific ODBC driver i require?

- Could i use "sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver" as a bridge?

- On the website ( http://verint.com/contact_center/section2a.cfm?article_level2_category_id=2&article_level2a_id=241 ) i found the following extract :
"Custom ULTRA reports can be created using any tool that can connect via ODBC, OLEDB, or other database provider to the ULTRA database, such as Crystal Reports, via the ULTRA Development SDK. Custom reports can be developed by either your in-house technical staff or Verint Professional Services"

Could you relay information on how i would create a custom report in Verint using another tool? or any code examples of using the ULTRA Development SDK? Surely this does not breach confidentiality.

Thanks for all your time so far.
For reporting, you'll just need the schema and any ODBC compliant tools will work fine (this will be part of your clients media and is almost always loaded onto the HD of the servers).  As far as the SDK package goes, my understanding is, it's *not* open source and my understanding is they charge for it, so again, I cannot provide this package to you.  I would highly suggest, even if a one-off, since it will be relevant to your engagement, registering with Verint and purchasing the SDK (I think you'll need to purchase this for your client too, but Verint can verify).
I can tell you the reporting database is ODBC compliant, and your customer will have the documentation for it as it was provided when they purchased the system.  I don't know that this is everything you'll need to accomplish your statement of work, as I think the SDK is what you need to get your hands on.
I did try searching around for it on the web to see if it was publically available (legally or not), and I could not find it.
Best of luck, and remember, this isn't open source, as a company like Verint that builds a SDK does so for profit and to benfit their partners so they have potential for professional services revenue (which is what you're engaging for).
steve81182Author Commented:
The answer was as much information as i think could be given, taking into account the nature of the question and the legality around it.

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