ADSL Router\Firewall: Recommendations

We are looking to install an ADSL connection into a remote LAN.  The LAN will contain 2 PC's and Ethernet based PLC equipment.  The purpose of the ADSL is to allow 3rd party to connect to the PC using RDP for remote support.  

What I would like is an ADSL Router\Firewall which can do the following:

*Restrict ports i.e. no http port  80
*NAT External IP's to local LAN IP (I'm hoping to have a couple of external IPS)
*Restrict the RDP traffic to only come from allowed IP's

Pretty basic stuff but I just want recommendations. Netgear\3com etc.
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mooby_cowAuthor Commented:
Opted for a basic Netgear DG834.  Going to use port forwarding for RDP.

Thanks guys
Check out the Cisco ASA 5505.

I highly recommend the ASA 5505 as well. It is extremely versatile, reliable and scalable. The price is great and support is even better (only 100.00 per year).
Thirded about the ASA 5505. In addition to the points above, the ASA 5505 can also act as a VPN head meaning that remote connections to the ASA 5505 can be secured using the Cisco VPN client. Therefore, no need to open RDP ports to the world.
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