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regional settings for the website

Hello Experts,
I have a situation on the payment section of the website, we use third party payment gateway for processing orders online, for some reason the total amount on the cart changing from £34.99 to £3499 on the payment confirmation page.

I mean, through out the shopping basket until the final page before it gets redirected to
the payment site, the amount looks ok, soon it reaches to the payment site's confimration page its  changing to 3499. Strangely, this is happening only for those customers outside UK (problem now is for the EU user).

Someone advised that it could regional settings on the website, i have checked it is UK english.

I dont understand how users regional settings could have any impact on what money format I use on the website? On the site its in the following format


For this customer its getting change to £1999.

Any help/advice would greatly be appreciated.

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DimitrisSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
The problem is that the regional settings should be based on the client regional settings.
This means that your web site should change it's globalization settings based on the client.
So I that I'm from Greece I could see let's say the dates in dd/mm/yyyy format and the decimal separator is the ","

For u in England the date format should be mm/dd/yyyy and the decimal separator is the "."

So the only thing you have to do is that on the begin request of each session to change the current thread (session) regional settings.

If you are using a master page or an inheritable class (all your pages inherit from that class) it's quite easy to implement.

From there on if you pass the numbers , dates etc in your store procedures with no further transformation (for example you don't replace the "," with ".") you will not have any further problem.
newbie27Author Commented:
hello and thanks for your input,
if you are in the place where you have regional settings set to , instead of . as a decimal point

please can you do me a favour of testing adding an item in the shopping cart and please go to the checkout details page and from
there you would go to epdq page where you can see the total amount and when you click on purchase it will take you to the bank
page where you will be shown the total price

please can you confirm that both the prices are in decimal points and corret?

thank you so much for your help
newbie27Author Commented:
please use the url below

Open in new window

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DimitrisSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
yes as i can see they are correct
DimitrisSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
I have checked it with en-us and Greek regional settings

The first has a "." and the second has a ","
newbie27Author Commented:
and they both worked OK right?

Thanks for doing this test for me !!


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