How do I force a report to export in a particular format?

Currently I am writing my reports in Crystal Reports XI and using the CMC to upload them so that they can be access by a variety of staff using InfoView. There are some reports which we would choose to only be available to download as a pdf to prevent the data being further edited. Is it possible to limit the export options that are available within InfoView so that the report is always returned to the viewer as a pdf? It is not practical for the reports to be run centrally and distributed as there are numerous different parameters that are specified by the end user when they run the reports and so the permutations are almost endless.

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Been working with Crystal from version 7 to 11, and unfortunately I've not ever come across anything that would force (or even default) a user to export to a certain file type.

Short of building a .NET application utilizing the Crystal engine functionality included with .NET, I don't believe this can be done.
You can limit the export options but that would apply to all reports not just the ones that concern you.

You could write your own front-end for those reports and allow the user to input their parameters then the application would just export the reports.

Katy_HAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help - obviously not an easy problem to resolve. We may just try continuing to instruct people not to alter the data in Word etc!
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