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Remote POP Users can't collect emails via POP3 since SBS2008 Upgrade

Since upgrading from SBS2003 - SBS 2008, remote users using pop3 can't login.  i have the pop3 service running, they can telnet on port 110, but it keeps asking username and password.  I have tried all cobinations domain name\username username@domain.com but it just keeps requesting.  I wonder if Forefront for Exchnage has anything to do with this?

Any help please?
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Hello dcleaver,

I don't really get what you are trying to do here...
"remote users using pop3 can't login" so you are trying to get the pop3 email onto the clients when they are remotely connected?
did you ran the pop3 wizard on the sbs server?
are you collecting pop3 through the connection manager into the sbs server, and then to the clients with their exchange mailboxes?
or is pop3 configured in their outlook profile?

and btw, can't you use exchange without pop3? that is the way to go: http://msmvps.com/blogs/javier/archive/2004/10/25/16621.aspx


dcleaverAuthor Commented:
All it is that I have a few users who use outlook express and collect their emails via pop3.  In SBS 2003 this was fine, but since the upgrade they can't login / retreive their emails.
I have found this http://blogs.technet.com/sbs/archive/2008/09/19/how-to-configure-sbs-2008-to-host-pop3-imap4.aspx and by using port 995 it now works, but I have the proble of allowing them to send via the sbs2008 server.  I should be able to use the ISPs smtp server, but for some unknown reason, this now fails??  hopefully just an ISP issue!
actually, you should configure the pop3 on the sbs server via the connection manager and use outlook, not outlook express.
I think you are making things a bit too difficult by using outlook express also.
while configuring the pop3 to come into the exchange mailboxes, you can add an external smtp server so you can send email through that smart host.
dcleaverAuthor Commented:
I was able to resolve this by using SSL for POP3 so pop3 collected on port 945.  Bit of a work around, but hopefully this user will start using te TS server!!!

Thanks to all!
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