USB Flash error "Not Accessible. Incorrect Function."


I have IBM t61 laptop, and facing problem in reading USB flash drive (HP 4GB) in opening files, navigating folders (using Up button and Back button of win explorer)

It works fine when i loging as a domain admin or a local administrator to the laptop, but using my domain login with administrator rights to the laptop, I get error in accessing the flash drive. the following is the error:
"F:\ not accessible, incorrect function."

Please guide on how to resolve this issue without formatting the laptop.

Thank you.
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WrathyimpAuthor Commented:

i there is no issues with GPO, as i can use other USB drives, but this USB drive is causing this error only on the user profile (domain login), its working fine with other PCs, and other user profile on the same machine.

So i need to fix the issue with the user profile for the USB error.
Hello Wrathyimp,

Please download ComboFix by sUBs:(you may need to rename combofix before saving to your desktop. 

You must download it to and run it from your Desktop
please try to do it undersafe mode.

keep me updated.

Best Regards,

Mohamed Allam
Senior Solution Developer
Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
does the mem stick have an autorun.inf file on it?  if you temporarily rename this, does it resolve the issue?

or is there a GPO causing this?

hth, Danny
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