Volume R click properties in Novell Netware strange

Just recently when I right click (only certain) volumes to check space and purge sizes, it only gives me 3 tabs to view and statistics is not one of them.  These same problem volumes give me an "I do not have sufficient rights to purge when I try.  Yet they were fine for 2 years or so.  Also note that when I open "Console One" in the background and minimize it the volumes work just as before.  Freakn' me out.  I am logged is as admin on this PC as always.  I have not made any changes recently.  Any thoughts.  Please see attach for visual example
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My condolences.

The visibility rebuild is an NSS volume-based repair, sort of like fixing the trustees on a traditional volume.  

You do it with the command NSS /VisibilityRebuild=(volume name)

When things go flaky and you don't have rights that you logically should, that's usually the fix.  It can take a while, depending on the size of the volume, so you don't want to do it over the lunch hour.  I'd wait for a weekend and start it Friday night after everyone's gone home, just to be safe, because the volume has to be offline while the visibility rebuild is taking place.

See this TID for more info.  If you don't want to just jump in and do the rebuild, you can run the DMPTRUST.NLM process as it explains.  http://www.novell.com/support/viewContent.do?externalId=3196739&sliceId=1
Or, you could use the utility made for checking the integrity of NSS visibility, CHECKVIS.NLM.

See this doc for more info on visibility rebuild and checkvis and other such tools:
2 good first steps are to run a DSREPAIR, and to make sure you're using the latest client & patches
Only with certain volumes?  Did you try a visibility rebuild on those vols?
johnohareAuthor Commented:
Sorry away so long, my father past away peacefully as it was.
I do have latest client and patches, can you please explain visibility rebuild.  
I also did dsrepair -a with full unattend repair.  That has helped me out allot.
johnohareAuthor Commented:
Looks really cool.  Of course it will take me some time to try it out.  I will post back.  You earned the points though.  Enjoy.
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