Creating an Exchange Virtual Server

Good morning all:
We'd like to set up e-mail on our Exchange server for a couple of domain names that are completely separate from our company's.  We have the IPs associated with these and they are registered with our ISP.

1.  Would we be able to set up a virtual server under our current installation of Exchange 2003 to do this?

2.  If yes, what are the steps to accomplish this?

Thanks for your help.
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MesthaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you want to completely segregate the content, so that no one can see anyone else, then you are in for a lot of work. There are guides to doing a version of hosted Exchange on Exchange 2003, but do note that Microsoft no longer support it unless their hosting solution is used.

If you don't care, then Exchange can have as many domains as you like, with recipient policies for each domain. Then configure the permissions on things like public folders for each domain.

There is no such concept as Virtual Server that you may be used to with Web Hosting with Exchange.

rvshergillConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you mean to say you want to host mailboxes on your Exchange Server with different names that are different from your company, and these domain are not getting hosted by any other E-mail server, then here is the solution:

- MX records of all domains should point to SMTP Host gateway server (In situation where mail flow is Internet>SMTP Host > Front-end > Back-end)
MX records of all domains should point to Front-end servers (In situation where mail flow is Internet>Front-end > Back-end)
- Create Exchange recipient policy for each domain and make it authoritative.

If you have some other scenario like some part of mailboxes of those domains are getting hosted somewhere else, etc, please make the situation clear so that we can provide you exact solution.

gupnitConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Shared hosting is what you mean here, right...!! I would recommend that you read:
It should take you through most of your queries. Let me know, if you have further queries
Nitin Gupta (gupnit)
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