Word and Excel takes a long time to open file

For some reason my Word and Excel takes about 2 minutes to open a file when I double click it but it opens straight away if I open it from with Word or Excel, file open.

It doesn't matter if its on my local drive or a network drive. It wasn't always like this its only started like this about a week ago.

Version 2003
Windows XP OS

I had this problem before and it has returned. I thought it was my anti virus but I've uninstalled and its still happening.


I there any software that can log whats happening in the back ground when I double click
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QGoldenConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
a complete un install and reinstall of office seemed to have sorted the problem
Try running the "Detect abnd repair" function for Office 2003. Open Word, click Help and Detect and Repair. This is the diagnostics tool for Office 2003 and MAY be able to resolve the problem. As far as logging well you could try creating a MSinfo report and check the log file created for errors.
Go to your Control Panel, (click on Start then Click on Control Panel)
Click on Folder Options, then File Types,
scroll down to and select (DOC for Word files) or XLS (for Excel files),
click Advanced and select Open entry,
click the edit Button.
deselect "Use DDE"
append "%1" (include the quote marks) to the end of the application command line,
Remove /dde if it is at the end of the command line
Then click on OK three times.
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