Outlook 2007 stand alone installer

Hello all.  I've been trying to create an Outlook 2007 stand alone installer for our Exchange environment here.  I cannot seem to make one without including the 400 MB or so of other cab files in the Office 2007 Pro Plus package.  Has anyone been able to make a functional stand alone Outlook 2007 installer?  If so, could you share with me what you had to do?  
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You only separate media if you have Exchange 2003 CALs, not Exchange 2007 CALs.
The media should have been provided with your media kit.

I don't think it is possible.
You cannot split the products out. If you have the CALs for Outlook only then you should be able to get the Outlook 2007 media from Microsoft.

terhuneb_2000Author Commented:
We have the Exchange CALs.  So, Microsoft should provide the installer for us you think?  I've asked one of their techs before and they said the same thing you did (minus the part about getting the media from Microsoft).  Thanks.
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