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How to monitor AIX user's productivity?

Hi all,

I had a request come down from the IT manager who wanted me to find ways to monitor user's productivity on AIX.  We have a remote user who's logging in at all times and we'd like some evidence (other than simple "last" commands) of the work she's doing by getting a count of CPU usage time, disk usage time, etc.

Any ideas?
2 Solutions
you will have to setup accounting to accomplish this.
A redbook is here -
If you have an IBM ID, you can use this tutorial -
In short -
Accounting is not _that_ heavy to implement. Just look at adm's crontab ('crontab -e adm') and activate the following lines -
#  runacct at 11:10 every night
#  dodisk at 11:00 every night
#  ckpacct every hour on the hour
#  monthly accounting 4:15 the first of every month
#10 23 * * 0-6 /usr/lib/acct/runacct -X 2>/usr/adm/acct/nitex/accterr > /dev/null
#0 23 * * 0-6 /usr/lib/acct/dodisk -X > /dev/null 2>&1
#0 * * * * /usr/lib/acct/ckpacct > /dev/null 2>&1
#15 4 1 * * /usr/lib/acct/monacct -o -X > /dev/null 2>&1
Have a look at 'man runacct', too.
The reports which are of interest for you are stored in /var/adm/acct/sumx/rprt[mmdd]. Look at the DAILY USAGE REPORT section at the end.
 To use disk accounting you will have to issue chdev -l sys0 -a iostat=true
For filesystem accounting, each FS to account needs the account flag. Set it with chfs -t yes [filesystem]
I advise you to not only rely on these short instructions. Please read the above document(s)!


dsstaoAuthor Commented:
Guys, these are perfect solutions.  Thank you very much for them, and for how fast you gave to me, I really appreciate it.

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