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Posted on 2009-02-23
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Last Modified: 2012-05-06

I require help tweaking freeASPUpload (http://www.freeaspupload.net).  I have modified the script so that files are not overwritten should they exist already. However, in an ideal world the user would be presented with some kind of message, asking if they wanted to proceed with the upload or not. Is this possible?
Public Sub Save(path)
		Dim streamFile, fileItem, fs
		if Right(path, 1) <> "\" then path = path & "\"
		if not uploadedYet then Upload
        	set fs = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")    
		For Each fileItem In UploadedFiles.Items		    
                	myFileName = fileItem.FileName
		        myTempFileName = session("brandSession") & "-" & fileItem.FileName
		        if fs.FileExists(path & myTempFileName) then		    
                    		response.write(myFileName & " exists.")
			        Set streamFile = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Stream")
			        streamFile.Type = 1
			        StreamRequest.Position = fileItem.Start
			        StreamRequest.CopyTo streamFile, fileItem.Length
			        streamFile.SaveToFile path & myTempFileName, 2
			        Set streamFile = Nothing
			        fileItem.Path = path & myTempFileName		    
			        response.write(myFileName & " uploaded successfully.")	
                	end if		
	End Sub

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Question by:lunchboxbill
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Accepted Solution

David H.H.Lee earned 159 total points
ID: 23718995
Hi lunchboxbill,
>>..asking if they wanted to proceed with the upload or not. Is this possible?
Yes, it's possible. It depend how you control the upload logic there. I've stimulated one sample regarding the mentioned. You can modify it based on your live senario.

function CheckUpload(){
 var blnUpload=false;
 blnUpload=confirm('Are you sure want to proceed?');


if (Request("hidVal")="1") then
  Save(YOURPATH)'modify your code here
  Response.write("not Submit")
end if

<form id='f1' action="main.asp">
<input type=hidden id="hidVal" name="hidVal">
<input type="button" value=" Upload " onClick="javascript:CheckUpload();return false;">
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Assisted Solution

sybe earned 156 total points
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Depends on what your definition of 'proceed' is.

Basically, once a user hit the submit button, everything is posted, including the file, and only when the posted data have completely arrived on the server, you can start checking if there is a file with the same name already present.

Now you can do two things:
1. Do nothing, but go back to the user and ask if he's sure to overwrite an existing file. The consequence is however that user has to submit everything again.
2. Store the file with a temporary filename and then go back to the user. If the user says it is ok to overwrite the file, then on the server delete the old file and rename the file with the temporary name. If the user is not ok, then delete the temporary file. The problem comes when the user does not answer (which will happen now and then), so you end up with a bunch of temporary files. Some day you'll have to delete them.

Anyway. My solution would be to prevent that there is unclarity about overwriting files beforehand. The user should decide before uploading if the file should be overwritten. That requires maybe a bit of different setup of your application, but it is very well possible.


Author Comment

ID: 23719660
Thanks for the info guys. I have a solution now where if the file exists on the server, a response is sent back down to the client. the user then clicks if they want to proceed or not, and if so, the script is run again this time with a differnt parameter so the file is overwritten.

As both of your responses were suitable, i will split the points. apologies its not many points, its all i had left!

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