"Ask before downloading" attachments in Outlook 2007?

Need a 24 hour turnaround on this one, so this is worth 500 points. :)

My CEO is traveling to Jamaica, and he's going to be running Outlook 2007 (connecting to our Exchange 2003 server) through his cel phone with an international data plan. Because the cost per Kb is high, he'd like a way to be able to have attachments NOT download automatically, but instead give him the OPTION to download if he so chooses.

I've been searching around, both on EE and the tubes of the Interweb, and have yet to find a way to do this. My question is: a) can this be done, and if so b) how do I do it?? Setting it up on either end (client side - Outlook or server side - Exchange) is fine, as long as it happens.

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My suggestion would be to have him use OWA instead of Outlook for the duration of the trip.  That would ensure that no attachments get downloaded unless he opened them on his own volition.

Otherwise, within Outlook,  you may try clicking on "Connected to Microsoft Exchange" and select 'Download Headers' ..  That way, you could then send a bunch of e-mails to him with attachments to test if they get downloaded.
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Hello ZebulonPi,

Quicest way - get him a phone with windows mobile on it and use active sync mail - you allready have exchange so you just need SP2 installing on it and it configuring
then it only downloads the mail headers and will ask him if he wants to download attachments pictures etc :)


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ZebulonPiAuthor Commented:
No way your suggestion would happen, Pete... he's got a BlackBerry, and I'd have to pry it from his cold dead hand. He really wants to use his laptop for this, too.

Syedm2, I read over your links, but I'm not sure if this stops Outlook from actually DOWNLOADING the attachments, or simply keeps them from being previewed. Because you can say "Yep, lemme see it", I would think that Outlooks WOULD download it, hence spending bandwidth even if you didn't go ahead and preview it.
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
>>No way your suggestion would happen, Pete... he's
LOL no probs m8 :0)
ZebulonPiAuthor Commented:
Fantastic! A nice, quick, easy solution to the issue at hand.

Thank you very much!
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