Utility for deleting Vista Update Backup Files

I'm looking for a little program or cleaner that will find all my Update backup Files and wipe them.
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SCUBASHNURPELAuthor Commented:
From all the research I have done, the Windows update backups are contained in C:\Windows\winsxs\  and are specifically intended to stay in their location due to the intrinsic nature of vista which has moved their software architecture to a component based structure keeping all past .dll versions on hand in order to ensure software compatibility for as many different languages and architectures that are out there.
Sebastian LennskogSystem consultant, Data centerCommented:
Hi !

Open the location where the backup is saved.

For example, if you backed up your files to an external hard disk labeled
"E," connect the external hard disk to your computer, and then open drive E.

Right-click the folder containing the backup you want to delete, and then
click Delete.

Backups are saved in this format: <backup location>\<computer name>\Backup
Set <year-month-day> <time>. For example, if your computer name is Computer,
your backup location is E, and you backed up on April 2, 2006 at 16:32:00,
that backup would be located in E:\Computer\Backup Set 2006-02-04 163200.
You would right-click the folder named Backup Set 2006-02-04 163200 to
delete that backup.

When you make a full backup, a backup folder is created and labeled with the
date for that day. As you add updates, that date stays the same, but your
backup is not out of date. The next time you make a full backup, a new
backup folder is created and labeled with the date for that day, and any
updates are then added to that new folder. You should not delete the current
backup folder.

Or did you mean how to remove the SP1 update files?
if that's the case then go to this site and download the removal tool:

Hope it helps!
Hi there;

I think Windows Vista file removal tool suits for you...


Best regards...
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SCUBASHNURPELAuthor Commented:
I started with a fresh install of Vista Business SP1. I don't need to removes the backups for SP1, I need a utility that lets me delete the back-up files for other updates that Windows Update pulls down currently and in the future. I want to delete the backed-up files that Windows updated after I know the update is working in my system.
Sebastian LennskogSystem consultant, Data centerCommented:
I'm not quite sure if this is what you're looking for but take a visit <A HREF="http://docs.sun.com/app/docs/doc/819-4687/6n6qr27g7?a=view"> here <A HREF/>. otherwise can you specify exactly what updates you want to delete? Most of  the frameworks  and .net you have installed is good to leave where they are cause some programs still use the older ones.
This could be interesting: http://rapidshare.com/users/6HHIJB - winsxslite. Have a look at the size of that folder C:\Windows\winsxs...
But be careful, this is no simple tool and from the number of new versions you can see that it is not mature. It also needs some sidekick tools to run, help will tell you which. And remember: have an image backup ready before you use it.

Best would be a larger hardrive.
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